Fairmount Chateau Lac Louise

Lac Louise, Alberta Canada

February 11, 12, 13, 2018

Course director: Francoise Desrosiers D.O. 

Biodynamic Faculty Teacher

Organizer: Nathalie Trottier D.O.

            The BioBasics program is designed to explore the fundamental topics in the Biodynamic Model of Osteopathy designed by Dr. James Jealous D.O.

            The material is presented as an introduction to this work. This seminar provides an enriching experience with Biodynamics as a further exploration of Osteopathy. The lecturers and the table trainers across Canada will share their view from this path. They are fully trained in Biodynamics or are Faculty Teachers.

            This course is open to D.O., physicians, dentists, final year students in osteopathy, medical and dental students.


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For more information on the Biodynamic View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field please refer to:

About The BioBasics Program


Develop a transitional methodology for functional and biodynamic approaches to treatment.

The BioBasics program offers undergraduate educational training on teaching of the foundational principles in Osteopathy. The intent of the program is to create a dynamic living curriculum reflecting the principles of Osteopathy in a general practice setting and to provide a community of fellowship oriented toward keeping Osteopathy alive and preserving the “tools of our trade.” The structure of the teaching faculty is such that the undergraduate basic educational modules will be made available to students at a reasonable cost.

The curriculum is designed to develop a transitional methodology for functional and biodynamic approaches and to use the modules as a means to create and explore language. These modules will also provide the student an opportunity to understand the biomechanical, functional and biodynamic methods as they apply to a specific topic.

This program is given by a group of D.O.’s across Canada. This group has functioned as a community invested in teaching all levels of Osteopathy in an informal setting for many years. This course provides hour upon hour of one-on-one training supervised by Dr Jealous D.O.   All of the teachers at this course are oriented to the general practice of Osteopathy and are fully trained in Biodynamics by Dr. Jealous.




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Sunday:  Feb 11th: 10h-12h, 13h30-17h00

Monday: Feb 12th: 9h-13h30

Tuesday: Feb 13th: 9h-15h 


Sunday, Feb 11th:

9:30: Registration

10h00:  Opening “Blessing Ceremony”

            CorleighPowderface, Msc Physical Anthropology


10h30: Understanding Motion Present: Legacy and Current Applications and Practical

            Nathalie Trottier D.O.


Lunch 12h30-14h00


14h00: The Autonomic Nervous System: Sensing, Listening, Understanding

            Raeven Geist-Deschamps I.O.


14h45 Break


15h15:  Rebalancing the Patient and Practical

            Ingrid Komery D.O.


17h00 end of the Day


Monday Feb 12th:


9h00:  Questions and answers


9h30: Traditional Osteopathy - An Oral Transmission

            Ingrid Komery D.O., Françoise Desrosiers D.O.


10h15 Break


10h45: An Exploration of the Fluid Body and its Contents

            Rosemarie Geist D.O.


13h30 end of day



Tuesday Feb 13th


9h00 Questions and answers


9h30: Mindfulness Meditation with the use of Traditional Drums

            CorleighPowderface, Msc Physical Anthropology


10:30 Break


11h00: The Tide comes Ashore and Practical

            Cathy Eydt D.O. M.P.


13:00 Lunch


13h45 Anatomy of Primary Respiration thru the eyes of the Embryo 

            Françoise Desrosiers D.O.


15:00 end of the Day